Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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Photo, Syrian Nisreen Tafesh practicing yoga After the watermelon photo, Nisreen Tafesh prepares for "The Other Face"

Photo, Syrian Nisreen Tafesh practicing yoga

Egyptian News Vision: - The Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh, her followers on the social networking site of photos and videos, "Instagram", shared new photos while practicing yoga.

Yoga pictures of "Nisreen Tafesh" coincided with pictures of watermelons that dazzled their followers as they appeared eating it at the pool.

Nisreen Tafesh wrote a famous queen of seduction by Marilyn Monroe saying: "I always believe that everything happens for a reason. When people switch, you learn the meaning of leaving, and when things go wrong, you realize their time and value. When you go on the right path, lies can deceive you, and in the end, you realize that you can only trust yourself, and sometimes the beautiful things fade; An area for nicer things. ”

Nisreen Tafesh is preparing to film her role in the series “The Other Face” with the artist Majed Al Masry and co-starred with several other artists, Nada Mousa, Madeleine Tabar, Hanan Suleiman, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Imad Rashad, and produced by Synergy Art Production Company, scenario and dialogue of redemption Al-Shandawili, directed by Samih Al-Nakash.


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