Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - “She was stabbed in the back, which is a difficult issue, especially when she is from people close to you,” said Moodle Rose, during an interview with Emirati media, Mahira Abdulaziz, through her virtual program that is shown on social networking sites.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Mexican security forces arrested model Laura Mujica Romero, Miss Oaxaca 2018, for her involvement in a gang of kidnappers working on the borders of Veracruz and Oaxaca.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- French fashion house Chanel unveiled its new Spring / Summer 2021 collection.

Virgin Vivard, creative director of the French fashion house Chanel, wanted to evoke this beautiful atmosphere in an atmosphere similar to family celebrations, commenting on the ceremony, "I love big family gatherings, when generations come together, this spirit is present in Chanel today because Chanel is like family."

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The artist and former Miss Palestine, Maryam Ayoub celebrated her divorce by slaughtering a calf and distributing it to the poor in Egypt.


Beirut, Naja Saade launched “LAVIE”, his new collection of high end fashion “Haute Couture” for Spring/Summer 2021.The collection features a variety of 19 evening gowns as well as a wedding dress.

Although Naja Saade gave up on his medical career to pursue his dream and become a designer, the 7 years he spent in the medical field sometimes resurface and even become a source of inspiration for his designs.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- French fashion designer Pierre Cardin died at the age of 98, his family told AFP.

Well-known businessman Pierre Cardin of Italian parents died in the American Hospital in Neuilly, west of the French capital.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: Maya Raidi, 24, retained the title of Miss Lebanon for the third year in a row, after canceling the annual competition since 2019 for various reasons due to the economic and political conditions in the country in 2019, the Corona pandemic, and the Beirut port explosion in 2020.

Egyptian News Vision: - Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) conducted a study on human cells and roundworms, the results of which were published in the journal "Advances".

Egyptian News Vision: - University of California experts studied the effect of botulinum toxin injection at the front and analyzed a database of about 40,000 people, where it was found that people who used botox injections had significantly fewer depressions, sometimes 88% than those who received treatment else.

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