Tunis, In presence of a large number of Media representatives, Dr. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, held a press conference to present the major projects and the new events held under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs on Thursday December 12. 2019 at the Tunis International Center for Digital Cultural Economy.

"Before starting to enumerate the various projects and programs of the Ministry, I would like to thank all the departments and the various structures of the ministry and all the artists, creators and technicians, as well as all the media and communication representatives who have all contributed to highlighting the ministry's projects and programs.

First of all, it is very important to recall the strategic goals for the work of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs among which I would mention:

Making culture a real right to everyone in Tunisia, build a strong culture of citizenship through participatory democracy, establishing a cultural decentralization and local governance in all the fields related to culture, make culture more effective in the development and employment fields, valorizing more the national heritage and also to highlighting the Tunisian experience in the field of culture locally and internationally."

It was with these words that Dr. Mohamed Zeinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, opened the press conference during which he presented the cultural policy that the Ministry adopted for the last three years, and also the major goals that the Ministry realized through the following national programs:

“ Tunis, the cities of arts”, “Tunis, the cities of civilizations”, “Tunis, The cities of Arts and Writers”,”The National Program for Cultural and Creative Industries and Technological Innovation”, and “The National Program Creative Youth” oriented to the new generation of young investors and creators, as well as the special programs like:

“The Season of islands culture”, “The season of labor culture”, “The season of culture between the borders”, “The season of south and desert culture”, “The integrated and solidarity culture” (activities oriented to people with special needs, prisoners, the elderly, rural women and the highly populated neighborhoods), “The season of culture and prison creativity” (starting from the year 2020), “The season of Culture and creativity for people with special needs” (starting from the year 2020), and it is worth mentioning that the number of activities has evolved significantly as well as the amount of the funds guaranteed by the State (from 26,800 activities in 2016 to 176,404 activities in 2019, mainly a rise of 658,22%) and (from 2721300 TND in 2016 To 115544520 TND in 2019, mainly a rise of 424.59%).

Dr. Mohamed Zeinelabidine also presented during the conference the leadership and support programs that the Ministry participated in during the same period, such as the Conference of Arab Culture Ministers in cooperation with ALECSO (2016-2018) of which Tunisia was elected as president, the hosting of the Twentieth Conference of Arab Culture Ministers, the hosting of the first meeting of the Ministers of Culture of the Western Basin countries of the Mediterranean, the hosting of the meeting of the directors of copyright and related rights offices in the Arab countries, the hosting of the tenth session of the Arab Theater Festival in Tunis, the organization of the fourth session of the Arab Publishers Conference in Tunisia, the organization of ceremonies for the announcement of the launching of the Arab Decade for Cultural Rights, the participation of Tunisia at The 40th session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO and its election to the Executive Board of UNESCO, and finally the election of Tunisia as president of the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers.

On the same occasion, the Minister named the major cultural institutions that were created, namely: the City of Culture, which includes:

the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the National Center for Puppetry Art, the Opera Theater, the Tunisian Cinematheque, the House of Novel, and the Tunis Center for Digital Cultural Economy, AlKassr Assaid, for Arts and Letters in Bardo, the Tunis International Center for Cultural Policy, the Tunis Institute of Philosophy, Tunis Institute of History and Anthropology, the Presentation Center of the City of Tunis, the Cultural Pole in Marsa (Fadel Ben Achour Cultural Center, Tunis Center for Cultural Investment, Tunis International Center for Civilizations).

The national program for the development of antiquities and heritage and the support of the heritage and archeology sector within the framework of the program of Tunis, the Cities of Civilizations .

This conference was ended by mentioning the remarkable development in the sector of international events and festivals throughout the year, of which the number increased from 648 festivals in 2017 to 773 festivals in 2019, while the number of international summer festivals evolved from 17 to 35.

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