The magazine "Life & Style" revealed that Amal Alamuddin wife of the world star George Clooney, pregnant with her third child.

The news of the pregnancy of Amal Alamuddin after her meeting with the correspondent "The Hollywood", on the sidelines of the Venice Film Festival with her husband George Clooney, who asked her Are you planning to have another child ?,"I'm not thinking of giving birth again. I'm 39 years old. I gave birth to my children at a very late age," she said.

It was only three months before Amal Clonney had her twin, Ella and Alexander.

The magazine said that Amal Clooney feels these days the same symptoms that were passing by her pregnancy twins, they eat greedily and became overly emotional.

A close associate of Hope Clooney told the magazine that the features of the third pregnancy have yet to be seen, but the coming days will certainly tell us the truth.

The source added that the hope of Clooney in her first pregnancy did not show any signs of pregnancy, where she was working very normally until the last weeks before her birth, but she felt tired later and was very much afraid of the weight of her children.

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