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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 20:24

American actress Megan Markle reveals her relationship with Prince Harry

American actress Megan Markle American actress Megan Markle

American actress Megan Markle revealed her relationship with British Prince Harry and said they were living a happy love story.

In her first interview with the British prince since their association last year, Merkel said in an interview with Vanity Fair that her relationship with the prince, the fifth in the ranking of Britain's throne, began in July 2016 after meeting him through friends.

We are in love, I am confident that at some point we will present ourselves and we will have stories to tell, but I hope people understand that this is our time, "Merkel told the magazine.

Prince Harry, 32, the son of British Crown Prince Charles, was made public last November when the prince issued a rare warning to the media to leave his 36-year-old girlfriend and her family in peace.

"We were quietly dating for six months before the news was published and I was working during this period, and nothing changed but the perception of people," Merkel said.

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