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After her divorce from international star Johnny Depp, American actress Amber Heard has an affair with American billionaire Elon Musk.

 Herd was separated from Depp after a marriage that lasted 15 months after being charged with treason and homosexuality and got $ 7 million in divorce.

The American billionaire, "Alon Musk," published pictures of the American actress "Amber Hurd" after being linked to her to confirm that she is neither gay nor abnormal, and does not suffer from problems in her sexual orientation.

The photos, published by Mosc, which is worth $ 14 billion, showered the guests at a popular Australian restaurant and kissed him on the cheek to confirm their official affiliation.

Masque's 40-year-old wife asked him to divorce in March 2017. Amber, 35, asked for a divorce from Deb in May.

International media reported that Amber told her friends that she was fond of Massac, was planning many adventures with him and was excited to start a new chapter in her life.


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