The House of Novel organizes on Friday, October 5, 2018 at 15h00 in the Sophie El Goulli hall, a meeting with the Tunisian interpreter Ammar Jelassi about the first novel of history: "The metamorphoses" or "the Golden Donkey" of Apuleius.

The hero, an aristocrat named Apuleius, lives different adventures, after his mistress, Photis, doomed him to become a donkey by accident. He learned that, to find his human shape, he had to eat roses. The various unhappy and burlesque adventures he lived during this quest for roses were an opportunity for him to learn and to tell the reader about many stories (the myth of Psyche and Cupid, “The poisoning stepmother", "La bru sanglante" etc...), merging eroticism with bloody crimes and magic. Although the meaning of the story can be interpreted in various ways, it seems that Apuleius's journey is also a spiritual one, an initiation to magic and at the same time a distancing of witchcraft by the comic.

Ammar Jelassi, who has translated several works dating from the Latin Christian era, has enriched this work of Apuleius with his personal contributions by an introduction, booklets and a documentation that will give to the Tunisian reader a clear idea about the culture and thoughts of the pre-Islamic times.

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