The Hollywood Life site revealed the relationship between model Bella Hadid and Canadian rapper Drake, 30, after celebrating her 21st birthday with her family and Drake, who invited the whole family to celebrate the occasion at a nightclub in New York and stayed close to " Bella "all the time; but danced to the tune of a song for her former boyfriend The Weekend.

Bella Hadid, the Canadian rapper "Drake", spend a good time together, and Bella is crazy about him and wants to take the title of "Girlfriend, but she is happy with the relationship she is now."

The Hollywood Life report says that "Bella sees Drake as a young man who is light, funny, talented and sexually attractive, and does not feel the age difference between them, which is approaching the decade. She is independent and mature for her age."

Hollywood Lev said, that there is an objection to the relationship by the family " Hadid ", especially her sister Gigi, who warned her of being a "mischievous".

"Drake" was previously associated with several emotional relationships, most recently with the world singer Rihanna. Even after their separation and the recent connection with the Saudi billionaire Hassan Jamil, some reports still confirm that he misses her and that he loves his life.

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