Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may retire from the divorce, according to the British Daily Mail newspaper, where she said the two stars plan to return to each other and move on together after intense psychological treatment in recent weeks.

Ian Halperin, their biographer, revealed that just seven weeks ago, face-to-face, 10 months after separation and Brad Pitt took the first step, the couple collapsed into each other's arms.

He added: "There was a lot of tears, as they both revealed the devices of his heart, and at that moment decided to open a new page."

According to the reports, the couple underwent spiritual counseling sessions to start a new life, in addition to taking off Brad Pitt's wine that was causing his problems with Angelina.

The relationship between the couple was the most famous in the Hollywood world, after the relationship between "Burton" and "Taylor", which culminated in marriage and divorce in the sixties and seventies, with a similarity between the two relations. Angie believes her relationship with Brad is like Taylor and Burton; they can not live together, but they can not live apart, a friend told her.

This comes after informed sources revealed that the couple, who have lived a bitter divorce since September 2016, did not submit in divorce proceedings to formally end their marriage.

"Divorce proceedings have stopped, and nothing has been done as a step forward in recent months, and no one believes that the divorce will take place," the source said.

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