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Tuesday, 06 August 2019 19:09

Carthage 55th session, The Chinese Ballet

Tunis, In presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs and M. Wang Wenbin, Ambassador of China in Tunisia, the Chinese Ballet performed an exceptional show of music and dance on Monday, August 05, 2019 at the Roman Theater of Carthage as part of the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage.

The show started with a flow of sweetness and magnificence that covered the Roman Theater of Carthage by the dances performed by the Chinese Ballet, composed of more than thirty artists coming straight from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the South of the Popular Republic of China.

With an extreme elegance, a captivating refinement, and a perfect dexterity, the Chinese artists fascinated the audience of Carthage with dances inspired by the regional heritage and the contemporary new choreographies beauty merged with fantasy through incredibly harmonious gestures and movements.

The show started by a dance performed by four dancers carrying a very beautiful red banner on which was written “May the friendship between Tunisia and China lasts forever” as sign for the deep relationship of fraternity between the two countries in presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs and the Ambassador of China to Tunisia.

During the show, a selection of very moving songs, acrobatic dances, contemporary choreographies and traditional dances, have been presented on a background of a visual animation projecting a multitude of themes all related to nature and more precisely to flowers.

The show was indeed a message of friendship addressed by China to the Tunisian people on a beautifully arranged plot of signs and symbols referring to love.

The Tunisian famous jasmine flower was present throughout the show. It was beautiful allegory to life in its deepest feeling which is love.

The audience of Carthage has had the great pleasure of discovering the velvet voices of the big artists of the region of Guangxi Zhuang who interpreted a selection of songs as sign of friendship between Tunisia and China. Spectators have been fascinated by the traditional dances brilliantly performed by the acrobats with extreme delicacy.

The show presented by the Chinese Ballet was full of refinement, beauty and fascination, but also carried many signs and deep messages of friendship between the two people.

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