Tunisia, Awad Salam, Tunisia opened the 2018 Carthage Film Festival in the midst of a heightened security presence following a terrorist incident a few days ago in the center of the capital, Habib Bourguiba Street, a mantra from the Interior Ministry targeting a continent security patrol.

The opening of these Arab-African cultural events was marked by a political rather than a cultural presence. Tunisian Prime Minister Yousuf Al-Shahed, the President of the People's Congress, Mohammed Al-Nasser, and the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mohammed Zine El Abidine attended the ceremony.

The international press in Tunisia has been banned, as invitations were not invited to attend the opening ceremony, and the media presence was limited to the entrance of artists on the red carpet for photographers, while the audience inside the hall was limited to foreign media coming to Tunisia to cover the event.

Habib Bourguiba Street was decorated and banners were displayed announcing the Arab-African Film Festival, which Tunisia has been organizing since 1966.

"These cinematic days are an important task in which we wanted to say that life is going on in Tunisia, which is facing the scourge of terrorism not only through security, but also through culture," he said.

"We wanted to highlight the day after this attack and just a few steps away from the place of this thwarted operation that Tunisia is living."

"We wanted to come today ... to support Tunisian cinema, artists and creators, to send a message of peace and tolerance, and that Tunisia is progressing in the democratic path through the culture we also want to invest in combating this scourge," he said.

The film "Apatrid" or "No Citizen" by Moroccan director Nargis Najjar opened the new session at the Opera Hall in Culture City. The film highlights the issue of Moroccans expelled from Algeria in 1975.

The official competition for Arab and African directors includes 44 films, including 13 feature films, 12 shorts and 11 documents, competing for the Golden Tanit Award.

The festival will last until November 10 and will feature more than 200 films


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