"The current session of the Festival of the Tunisian Cinema is the sixth one, but in reality it is the first experimental session of this event. On this happy occasion we announce the increase of the subvention of the festival to move from 300 thousands dinars to 500 thousands dinars so that it can bloom and motivate more the film-makers so that they give the best of their art ". This was stated by Mr. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs at the closing ceremony of this first session of the Festival of the Tunisian Cinema broadcasted on live on the National TV Channel.

The achievement of this festival was not so easy regarding the financial difficulties that have been always against its development with a budget that did not exceed ten thousand dinars. The 300 thousands dinars that were allocated to the festival this year allowed it to bounce back on the national film scene by establishing for the first time in Tunisia, a Tunisian film Oscars with the total amount of 167 thousands dinars for 17 awards.

The closing ceremony of this sixth session of the festival and the first in its new version, has been superbly animated by a musical performance by the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Hafedh Makni. In its first musical part, the Orchestra played selected pieces of Giuseppe Verdi's “Traviata” with a beautiful dancing show on an opera plot offering to listen to beautiful Soprano and tenor voices that amazed the audience composed of filmmakers and film lovers in addition to the festival's guests. The Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra offered the audience a selection of pieces of music from famous films like “The Dictator” of Charlie Chaplin, "Khélifa the scabby” by Hamouda Ben Hlima, "The message" from Mustapha Al Akkad, David Lean's "Laurence of Arabia", "The Destiny" by Youssef Chahine, "Pirates of the Caribbean" by Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. Abir Nasraoui also sang on this occasion a capella "Ya Farakh Lahmam", from the old Tunisian musical repertoire.

During this closing ceremony, 17 prizes were awarded. 25 feature and documentary films produced between 2016 and 2017 were in competition. Mokhtar Laajimi, director of the festival pointed out that the prize of the festival will be "The bird" of Hedi Selmi dean of the Tunisian sculptors. The choice of this work produced in 1973 was explained by its invaluable cultural value and its symbolic; the bird is the metaphor of freedom and refers to several mythical films including "The sparrow" by Youssef Chahine, and "Halfaouine, the child of the terraces" by Farid Boughdir.

List of the Awards:

1- Best Supporting Actress Award: Anissa Daoud (The Pretty and the Pack)

2- Best Supporting Actor Award: Amine Hamzaoui (North Wind) by Walid Matar

3- Best Young Female Actress Award: Sondes Belahsen (Benzine by bSarra Labidi)

4- Best Actress Award: Rim Ben Massaoud (Hedi by Mohamed Ben Attia)

5- Best Actor Award: Majd Mastoura (Hedi by Mohamed Attia)

6-Best Scenario Award: Hedi by Mohamed Ben attia

7- First work Award: Benzine by Sarra Laabidi

8-Best film music Award: Tarak Louati (The last of us)

9- Best sound creation Award: Moncef Taleb, (The last of us) and Moez Ben Cheikh (The pretty and the pack)

10- Best Picture Award: Amine Messaadi (The last of us)

11-Best Decor Award: Malek Gnaoui (The Last of Us) and Whispering Sands by Nacer Khemir

12- Ezzeddine Alaya Award for Best Costume: Rahma Ben Thayer (The Last of Us)

13- Prize of the best producer: Habib Attia, Nadim Ben Sheikh Rouhou, (The Pretty and the pack)

14-Best Film Award: Hedi by Mohamed Ben Attia

15- Award for Best Director and Cinematographic Vision: Kaouther Ben Hneyia (The Pretty and the Pack)

16: Best Editing: Alaa Eddine Slim (The last of us)

17: Award for best documentary film: "Zeineb doesn’t like the snow" by Khaouther Ben Henya

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