Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The eighth and final part of Game Of Thrones, will be released on 14 April 2019 on HBO.

All the heroes of the work were sitting on the throne in the iron revealed by HBO network in a signal from the makers of the series to ask a question in the minds of viewers about who can win the throne in the latter.

The network has already revealed the duration of the 6 episodes of the last season, which ranged between 60 and 80 minutes, and the network Tazer suspense of the series, which revealed the arrival of Denis Tigrian north to help them in the face of the Army Walker Walker, in addition to another Teaser revealed the arrival Army Walker Walker to the north, triangular stand John Snow, Arria and Stark Starka to face the next danger.

The seventh season of the famous series ended with Jimi getting away from Sercy after his rebellion and his march to the North to fight in the ranks of the Stark and Tigrean armies in front of the armies of the dead.

On the other hand, the relations between Sercy and Tyrion were once again blocked by cameras in Mashhad To convince her to declare her alliance, which will reveal its details next season, which opened the way to achieve the theory and prophecy of hatred "Sircy and Teryon" to each other.

Game Of Thrones began in 2011 and is considered one of the most famous dramas of drama. The series has been a great success since its debut on the American HBO network. It also nominated and won numerous awards. It tells an epic story among seven kingdoms fighting for the throne.

Adapted from the series "The Song of Ice and Fire" by George AR Martin, starring Emilya Clarke, Kate Harrington, Lina Hedy, Nicolaj Coster and Aldo, Peter Dankling, Sophie Turner, Macy Williams.

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