for the official short and feature film competitions

Seven Tunisian fiction films were chosen to participate in the official competitions of the Carthage Film Festival JCC 2019, Néjib Ayed session, which will take place from October 26 to November 2d 2019.

The Independent Viewing and Selection of Fiction Films Committee has selected recent Tunisian films, short and long and selected them under eligibility conditions in the two categories.

The committee members were: Anissa Barrak (cultural communication expert), Emna El Golli (film professor and DOP), Karim Hamouda (editor), Hamadi Arafa (director), Khemais Khayati (journalist and film critic).

Four Tunisian short films and three feature films will be in the official competition of the Carthage Film Festival 2019.

The three fiction feature films in competition are Hind Boujemaa's "NOURA’S DREAM", "A SON" by Mehdi M. Barsaoui and "GUIRRA" by Fadhel JAZIRI.

This selection highlighted the diversity and richness of Tunisian film production, where different generations and different aesthetics unite in quality storytelling.

“Noura’s Dream by Hinde Boujemaa (Tunisia -Belgium, Propaganda Production 2019. First feature film by Tunisian director Hinde Boujemaa, this 93-minute drama will probably be a great success.

The intimate and very committed fiber of the director is brought to the screen by a perfect cast, with in the great Tunisian actress "Hend Sabri in the lead role of "Noura".

" The duet of Hind and Hinde offers a deep, sensitive, anchored work in reality but with a striking universality.

This is the story of Noura’s waken dream (Hind Sabri), a woman torn between her love passion and her marital reality, between her incarcerated husband Imed (Lotfi Abdelli) and her lover Lassaad (Hakim Boumasaoudi) as she plays the eternal rift between the right to happiness and the duty of submission.

The film marks the great comeback of Hend Sabri to Carthage, the festival that which propelled her on the international stage.

Indeed, the young girl of the "Silence of the Palaces", which earned Hend her first Tanit in 1994, has ben absent from the official selections since 2002, (Nouri Bouzid’s Dolls of clay).

A return to the sources that offers her Another great Hinde of Tunisian cinema who had a flawless career since her feature documentary "It was better tomorrow" (2012), and her multi award winning short film "And Romeo married Juliet" in 2015.

Noura's dream is currently being presented as a world premiere in the "Discovery" section of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in Canada. It is also competing in the "New Directors" selection of the 67th edition of the San Sebastian Festival in Spain and BFI London.

“A son “ Mehdi M.Barsaoui Cinetelefilms Prod, 2019 More than a first feature film, A son is a real inner voyage delivered by Mehdi M. Baraoui. Four years of writing, 23 versions of a scenario that brings the condensed experience of the filmmaker to meet his passion for his art and life.

A strong and intense film where fatherhood is the main character, but not only. A work carried by a great cast, Sami Bouajila, Najla Ben Abdallah, Youssef Khemiri, Noomen Hamda, Slah Msaddek and Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa.

This is the story of an ordinary and harmonious family, Farès and Meriem and their 11 years old son. It's summer 2011 and the family, like the country, is suddenly confronted with its own historical and personal rupture.

An accident is enough for everything to be questioned.

This film is filled by the life of its author as well as all his filmmaking. Mehdi M. Barsaoui is a director by training and also through his family, his flesh and blood.

The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2019, where it was selected in the official competition in the "Orrizonti" section.

It was also awarded the INTERFILM prize for best fiction film as well as the award for best actor for Sami Bouajila. Guirra by Fadhel Jaziri.

Production NOUVEAU FILM 2018 An essential and complete artist, Fadhel Jaziri lives for the show, with no limits to his talent and no scene to resist him.

In the theater or in cinema, Jaziri is a maker of artworks.

At the JCC 2019 he returns after a long silence, since "Eclipse" (2016) and Thalathoun in 2008.

Guirra traces the life of Abu Yazid ibn khouwayled Kadadadi known as "Bouzid Saheb el Himar" (owner of the donkey).

A man who begins his journey by rebelling against injustice, to become over the course of his "revolution" a bloodthirsty tyrant. The film, which lasts 111 minutes, is casting young Tunisian talents such as Sara Hanachi, Emna Jaziri, Sami Nasri, Moez Ben Taleb and Ali Jaziri.

In addition, the Tunisian Fiction Film Selection Committee has chosen to offer the JCC audiences an opportunity to discover four talented young filmmakers competing in the official short fiction film competition.

The four short films selected are "True Story" by Amine Lakhnech, Charter "by Sabry Bouzid," Leak "by Youab Dachraoui and" Mirage "by Faten Jaziri.

True Story by Amine Lakhnech (Antworks/Ulysson 2019) is a wonderful 21-minute tale that tells the story of a little orphan, whose heart beats far away from his body.

His aunt who tries to break the curse, takes him on a fantastic and disturbing journey.

An artwork representative of its director, passionate and self-taught.

The cast includes the talented Lobna Noomene and the actor Fathi Akkari.

“Escape” by Youab Dachraoui: Talent doesn’t always depend on age or experience.

Youab, the youngest director of this edition of the JCC 2019 delivers a short film that is fresh, rich and condensed in stories.

Between a philosophical tale and a fantastic novel, the 15-year-old movie enthusiast presents his first work, full of promise. “Mirage” by Faten Jaziri.

Audimage 2019 In a world that is coming to an end, Youssef fights against oblivion by diving back into his childhood, with an old photo as the only kuggage.

23 minutes to tell the story of an impossible and yet necessary and heroic love.

Faten Jaziri has already made a first short film "Awakening" in 2017 as well as documentaries such as "the storytellers of water" (2017 GIZ) “Charter” by Sabry Bouzid 2019 After a first selection in the Panorama section of the Tunisian cinema at JCC 2018, Sabry Bouzid returns in 2019 with a short fiction film "Charter".

A poetic film, carried by a passionate actor, Majdi Mastoura and the delicate writing of Sabry Bouzid.

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