Kardashian, the famed and famous American family: (31 years), Kyle (20 years), the ruling mother Chris (61), and the mother's husband Bruce Jenner (67), who underwent For the conversion of the sex of 2015 to become a woman bearing the name of Caitlin.

The beginning of this fame seems to be disputed by more than one person, but certainly the "scandalous Kardashian video" with her best friend, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

All of this has grown from a realistic program whose experimental episode has opened with words that are more like a prophecy for Kim (who already has a bad reputation as a result of a sexual tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray Gee, and was publicly leaked in 2007).

In Kathleen Jenner's The Secrets of My Life, published in 2016, a woman who was a husband of Chris Jenner, Kim Kardashian's mother before undergoing a sexual transformation suggests that the series may actually be her brainchild.

But in fact, members of this family have gained all this fame, even though they show no talent but their exciting power. The secret is a long history of "body stripping", beginning with the sexual video scandal.

According to the Huffington Post, in a lengthy interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the giant commercial stars and producers of Mark Kardashian (which produced nine sub-television shows and hundreds of millions of dollars in profits) reveal the incredible success of the program, which began in 2007.

According to Forbes magazine, Kim Kardashian's 36-year-old bank account was added last year to $ 201.55 billion ($ 45.5 million) last year from a brand that was based on self-esteem, rave product promotion and filming of bare-skinned silphy.

At the heart of this unprecedented success is the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" program, which is on E !, a live recording of the Kardashian family.

On 24 September 2017, a special 90-minute episode will be broadcast to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the program.

It is puzzling that such a huge success has been achieved by a program whose idea is for viewers to focus on the lives of a "half famous" family as described by the American magazine.

The reality TV program, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is broadcast in 176 countries today.

While the program peaked in 2011 with 10.5 million views over two nights featuring Kim's legendary wedding to basketball player Chris Humphries (72 days later), his average audience still stands at 2.1 million every Sunday, in his 13th season.

In 2015, the channel approved E! On a deal worth $ 80 million for the continuation of the program for the 14th season.

This is a small amount compared to the family-owned fashion and lifestyle empire in Napa Valley, California, where the family brand is thought to be worth about $ 1 billion.

With more than 700 million followers and five highly profitable applications, the family has attracted millions of people from a combination of product promotion contracts, paid media visibility, and products that quickly run out of stores.

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