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Katrina Kaif, Bollywood star made by Ranbir Kapoor and Tiger Zinda Hai

Katrina Kaif, Bollywood star made by Ranbir Kapoor and Tiger Zinda Hai Katrina Kaif, Bollywood star made by Ranbir Kapoor and Tiger Zinda Hai

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Indian star Katrina Kaif changed her name from Katrina Turkut to this name to suit the Indian audience and claimed she was half Indian while Kaif was not her father's name.

In 2011, producer Aisha Cheruf accused Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif of fabricating her history: "We created the identity of her, I've been is this girl English beautiful young, and we give the father of Kashmiri under the name of Katrina Kazi, we thought we Snmnhaa a kind of Indian descent, to communicate with the public, but then we found that Kazi seemed very religious, was the player known as Mohammed Kaif at the top, so we said, Katrina Kaif. "

The film producer, who received the following: "Bollywood entered with the film was classified as porn.

I do not have anything against porn star, I adore my tongue Lyon, but it was aimed at the time is the only utility and search for patron in the industry to appear in movies and in glamorous roles."

She added: "Once I got the fame of the necessary abandoned Sanduha, to be near the new patron star Ranbir Kapoor, who belongs to the Kapoor clan-rich, managed to issue news by leaking pictures and send a strong message that it addresses rendezvoused Prince of Bollywood.

When relations have worsened, abandoned by Ranbir, was required a new godfather to promote its image, suddenly he became a friend of the media, and joined the Facebook and Instagram in a preliminary step, but that caused a star Tiger Zinda Hai in cords, to become the king of Bollywood Salman Khan's new godfather of Katrina Kaif which sells In order to continue to harvest fame and money anything.

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