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Kim Kardashian receives her fourth child

Kim Kardashian receives her fourth child Kim Kardashian receives her fourth child

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has received her fourth baby, born with an alternative mother, healthy and weighing 6 pounds.

Kim Kardashian announced the story on Twitter and wrote: "It's my Chicago twin, I'm sure it will change a lot, but now it looks exactly like it."

Kim Kardashian paid $ 68,850 for the replacement mother, which in turn earned $ 45,000, was paid on 10 monthly installments.

Kim Kardashian, a native of North and St., is known to have had her third and fourth offspring through the surrogate mother after the doctor told her she was suffering from placental calcification, a condition that makes pregnancy dangerous for a mother's health.

Kim Kardashian revealed through her program that she wanted to expand her family, so her only choice was to rely on the surrogate mother to have children.

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