Most of the Arab stars from Morocco, Lebanon and Kuwait, and the beginning, were Moroccan dancer Noor, who confirmed in more than one media encounter that she was the victim of a moral defect in her physical makeup. This was what she paid when she grew up to correct this physical condition after consulting her mother In the subject, she decided to travel to Switzerland, to come back and break into the field of belly dancing.

The Lebanese singer Haifa Magik, who was sexually transposed after being a young man named Subhi, topped the list and raised the public's interest in social networking sites after she announced her willingness to marry by publishing a picture of her wedding dress that showed a very feminine look.

Kuwaiti artist Bashayer, who turned sexually from male to female, asserting that she was not ashamed to say so. She said in more than one media interview that she was a known medical condition requiring a sexual conversion from male to female.

The American artist, Laverne Cox, and although she is transformed from man to female but has a reasonable amount of beauty and talent; she is the only transgender person nominated for the Emmy Awards, and is best known for her role in Orange is the New Black.

American fashion model Amanda Lippur, also a transsexual artist, performed a sexual transformation of a male to a female when she was only 15 years old and performed other cosmetic procedures to become her current form.

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