Actor Leonardo DiCaprio declared its readiness to help US authorities investigating the corruption case related to the Fund Investment Malaysia, and believed that the actor and his film, "The Wolf Of Wall Street", obtained the amounts of "Malaysian Development Fund", where a spokesman Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, said, : DiCaprio when he received news of the corruption case of the media, "the face of his representatives to communicate with the US Department of Justice to check whether his organization received any gifts or donations related to the stolen money, and, if any, return them as soon as possible."

Charged with financial corruption related to the involvement of DiCaprio in the process of money laundering was estimated at $ 3.5 billion has been converted from governmental financial fund "strategic progress Malaysia's" 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), involved in several criminal cases across the world, to fund the famous "Wall Street Wolff American Film "starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which is talking about financial corruption in the American stock market.

American justice, following the movement of the film's producer funds Reza Aziz, who is the first accused in the cases of embezzlement, smuggling of the National Fund for Development funds in Malaysia, which is at the same time a pair daughter of former prime minister of Malaysia, "Najib Razak."

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