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Moulouk Al Tawaef by Mansour Rahbani With Ghassen Saliba and Hiba Tawaji

TUNIS, AWAD SALLAM, On the Roman Theater of Carthage, in presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, hosted as part of the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage the memorable masterpiece of the Rahbani family, “Moulouk Al Tawaef”, a work specially and exclusively presented for the International Festival of Carthage, one of the most outstanding works written by Mansour Rahbani.

"Moulouk Al Tawaef" started with a meeting between the King of Seville "Ibn Abbad"(played by Ghassen Saliba), one of the twenty-two kings of the divided states of Andalusia with Itimad Al Rimkya (played by Hiba Tawaji) the lady who will become later his wife and his queen during a hunting outing. Singing, dancing and playing were the tools that the actors used to illustrate the major events of this musical play.

"Moulouk Al Tawaef" merged conspiracy with betrayals the two major causes of the decay, even the disintegration of the glorious Andalusia ... the tragic end that marked the Arab world.

Mansour Rahbani did not choose to write this epic about this painful period of our history to place us in the nostalgia, but it to offer us a clear image about the contemporary history.

"Moulouk Al Tawaef" is not a documentary that traces literally the historical facts but it gives to the characters a beautiful and amazing romantic aspect, highly colored, with overflowing emotions making them carrying in their voices the messages of the author. Scenography also revealed the intention of the author, lights recreated the events and costumes invited the audience to a journey back in time with dances that enhanced it all.

The charisma of Ghassen Saliba gave to the character of the King of Seville at once poet and lover, strong and tormented, a tragic dimension, his powerful voice also imposed the silence.

His harmony with the young Hiba Tawaji was came in a perfect merge between their performances and their their complementary voices

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