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Moulouk Al Tawaef, the Arabic-acclaimed musical, at the Carthage Theater

TUNIS, Awad Sallam,The press conference of the operetta “Moulouk Al Tawaef” by Mansour Rahbani which will be performed for the first time in Tunisia on July 15 and 16, 2019 on the stage of the Roman Theater of Carthage.

All the members of the Rahbani family with the stars Ghassan Saliba and Hiba Tawaji, were present at the conference to present this masterpiece written by late Mansour Rahbani, to the journalists present on the occasion to get more details about the show.

Oussama Rahbani was the first to take the floor saying: "We are really pleased and honored to meet the Tunisian audience for such a great occasion.

We will do our best to present “Moulouk Al Tawaef” in its better version. Such a great made by late Mansour Rahbani are priceless. Moreover, all the work made by the Rahbani family is well recognized for being a guarantor of a good quality, a work that merges music and dance with a touch of magic”.

"We will present Moulouk Al Tawaef" in its primary version that was written and created in 2003, but it is also important to say that such a great work was always adapted to the various theaters on which it was presented”, said Marouan Rahbani Ghadi Rahbani added: "Moulouk Al Tawaef" is an operetta that merges music, dance and singing on complete composition on a historical text written as part of a political vision coming to relate one of the most fundamental aspects of the Arab-Muslim history of glories, victories and betrayals".

Hiba tawaji, the first female actor in the operetta, expressed her joy to meet the Tunisian audience with this prestigious masterpiece of Mansour Rahbani. "Tunisians knew me through my songs and albums, I've already performed a show last year for the International Festival of Carthage and also for the Festival of Hammamet, but certainly being on the stage of the Roman Theater of Carthage with such a grandiose work is something completely different that fills me with great emotions.

The elegant artist Ghassen Saliba, who throughout his career, has always been part of the family and signed with his voice and his charisma the most beautiful roles in the Rahbani school, said that without operettas and musical comedies, the artistic scene would be unbalanced.

And even though I have my career as a singer, my commitment with the Rahbani over the generations offers me the opportunity to give my self better chances with another dimensions. "

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