The International Festival of Carthage 55th session

Tunis; Awad Sallam, With 40 dancers on the stage of the Roman Theater of Carthage, the Russian Ballet succeeded to bewitch the Tunisian audience coming to discover this master piece of the great musician Tchaikovsky despite the hot weather.

Few minutes before the show starts, the audience of the Festival has had the opportunity to watch the football match opposing Tunisia to Madagascar and after which Tunisia got qualified for the Semi-final of the CAN 2019 on the large screen of the Roman Theater.

Time was then to the dancers of the Saint Petersburg Ballet to immediately amaze the audience with the beauty of their costumes, the elegance and refinement of their gestures and the magnificence of the choreography they made, showing the great tradition of the Russian ballets old of several centuries.

“Swan Lake” was performed for the first time in Africa and in the Arab world, giving thus to the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage a special dimension that took the audience back to the glory of this great Festival.

For two hours and a half, the Saint-Petersburg Ballet has delivered through “Swan Lake” the finest choreographies of the great universal classic dances interpreted by the most famous dance companies around the world.

Artem Pugschev, Anastasia Turchina, Andrei Fedorkov and Evegeni Silakov simply amazed the audience with their great performance, their professionalism and the delicate gestures they made during the interpretation of this love story between Prince Siegfried and the girl, turned into a swan by the powers of a wizard.

The Saint-Petersburg Ballet succeeded in the interpretation of this great universal classic of Tchaikovsky with the brilliant dancers in their beautiful costumes.

A very beautiful opening show of a great aesthetic and artistic quality.

The 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage was marvelously opened on Thursday July 11. 2019 at the Roman Theater of Carthage, in presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs and M. Kamel Sassi, Advisor of M. Youssef Chahed, Head of the Government and many diplomatic and political figures with the “Swan Lake” show by the great Ballet of Saint-Petersburg.


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