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Saturday, 19 January 2019 11:01

Premiere of the show "Thus Danced the Shepherd" by the New Ballet of Tunisian Dance

Choreography by Karim Touwayma Choreography by Karim Touwayma

Within the creative framework of the project of "The New Ballet of Tunisian Dance" the Ballets and Choreographic Arts Pole of the Opera Theater of the City of Culture presented on Friday January 18, 2019 at the Theater of Regions, the spectacle "Thus Danced the Shepherd" a choreography of Karim Touwayma with the participation of the New Ballet of Tunisian Dance dancers.

With a simple decor full of metaphors recalling the rural and mountainous landscape of Kasserine, the dancers have executed original dances expressing the daily life of this population full of joys and sorrows.

With this creation, of the New Ballet of the Tunisian Dance is adopting a rehabilitation approach of the Tunisian dance, its steps and movements, with a contemporary choreography within a spirit of openness to all the Tunisian regions.

"Thus danced the shepherd" has required several months of fieldwork with a deep research about the Tunisian dance, its diversity, its plurality and its modes before ending up with a cycle of professional training and a choreographic installation.

And it was from the region of Kasserine and especially the shepherds of Samama that Karim Touwayma has chosen to work about the "Hajjeli" dance as an artistic theme with the participation of the famous musical troupe "The voices of Samama" composed of real shepherds from the region.

A show very rich in colors and sounds revisiting the various styles of the Tunisian dance through a contemporary way, paving the ways to our Tunisian heritage to reach the greatest international scenes.

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