During a press conference hosted by the Tunisian pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday May 18. 2019, the Organizing Committee of the Sentoo program announced the six projects of films that were selected among 74 other projects.

These films represent six countries, namely: Tunisia, Senegal, Morocco, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. It should be recalled that the Sentoo program was born last year at the Cannes Film Festival following the initiative of Chiraz Laatiri, Director General of the National Center for Cinema and Image.

The Sentoo program, which in Senegalese dialect means “waiting for the best”, includes three project development residencies, the first one was held in Senegal on June 24 - 30, the second in Tunisia on October 7 - 20 and the third in Morocco in December and during which the directors met with producers from southern countries with the implementation of a planning for the project realization.

During this conference, Chiraz Laatiri, Director General of the National Center for Cinema and Image, said that this project will be extended to several other African countries and that it will become a platform for the development and the promotion of the African film industry, avoiding thus the long wait for European funding, while recalling that Tunisia was the initiator of this exceptional project

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