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Monday, 13 April 2020 17:05

Shanti Isaias Vishwa Shanti died in mysterious circumstances

Indian actress Shanti Isaias Vishwa Shanti Indian actress Shanti Isaias Vishwa Shanti

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The body of the actress and Indian TV host, Shanti Isaias Vishwa Shanti, was found at her home, where she was living alone.

The police seized her phone, and video camera and CCTV footage was being checked to see if anyone had visited the building.

According to her neighbors, Vishwashanti, also known as Shanti, had not been out of her house for four days, and under procedures such as quarantine, it is quite natural not to leave the house, but neighbors found it suspicious and they reported the police.

The police broke the door and entered her apartment and found that Shanti's body was lying on the ground, until they found alcohol bottles in her apartment, and the police made sure that she had a habit of consuming alcohol.

Based on the preliminary investigation, police suspect that due to excessive alcohol consumption, Vishwachanti lost consciousness, inadvertently fell out of bed and died of an injury, and some neighbors suggested that the actress may have taken this extreme step out of depression due to financial problems.

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