Michael Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas, one of the giants of Hollywood's golden era, and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and two of the prominent names in Hollywood, staying a concert in his honor on a birthday celebration percent.

Kirk Douglas was forced to retire due to problems in speech after suffering a stroke in 1996 but he underwent exercises with the processor to be able to deliver a short speech at the birthday gala.

It is expected the participation of about 200 invited friends and family members in the celebration. The

Famous actor, in an article published in the magazine do "Closer Weekly" on birthday, he wrote, "Ask for tips about the secret life of protracted and sound. I do not have any advice; on the other hand I see that there is a goal of our existence on this earth."

"We have survived the helicopter crash and a stroke so I can accomplish good things in the world before I go."

It is also attributed to the prolonged old great love of his second wife; "Ann" aged 97 years.

"I was lucky to meet the love of my life 63 years ago and I think that the wonderful evening our marriage and our conversations helped me to overcome everything."

Kirk Douglas, the son of Russian immigrants, such as the roles of some of the famous personalities in the history of cinema from the Dutch painter Van Gogh to the king of Western movies Doc Holliday.

Douglas and its original name Aissour Danielovic, from a poor family in New York, and continued lessons in the theater academy in the city.

Won for his role in the movie "Champion" (1949) his first run to win an Oscar, a reward got away from him three times.

His son, Michael Douglas, won best actor for his role in "Wall Street" 1987. Oscar Mike, 72, and his brother Joel was born (69 years) from the first marriage of Kirk Douglas and Diana Webster actor, who divorced in 1951.

Three years after his divorce, he married the American of Belgian origin "Ann Budens," which said it in one day, "to live with my husband as one who finds himself in a beautiful grove is located near the volcano could erupt at any moment."

The couple had two sons, Eric and Peter.

Eric, who was also representing died in 2004 at the age of 46, after taking a combination of alcohol and drugs after years of addiction.

Michael Douglas says of his father's magazine "Closer» "is characterized by vitality and tenacity," he said. "He taught me to give my best always." Douglas family has faced some tragedies.

Kirk was greatly affected when the helicopter crashed into the other plane was in the atmosphere of the state of California. The incident killed two people. In 1996, he suffered a stroke deprived him of speech, but he regained the ability to partially pronunciation after rehabilitation lasted for months.

In addition, subsequently he went with his wife more and more acts of charity and announced that they will dedicate the bulk of their revolution to charity after their death.

The couple financed the renovation of 400-school playground in Los Angeles and the construction of a cure for Alzheimer's patients in a shelter dedicated to the inability of the representatives of the retirees.

Actor Angie Dixon (85 years), which accounted for his scene nudity in the movie "Cast a Giant Shadow" (1966), told him "You cannot ask more than it gives him Kirk. Is the perfect man in my opinion? All what he is doing excellent?"

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