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Stars from Bollywood and Hollywood were their beginnings before stardom

Stars from Bollywood and Hollywood, this was their beginning before stardom, where they began to portray pornographic films.

 They moved from these works to fame and achieved great wealth, and here are the most famous:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, born in Austria in 1947, took care of bodybuilding from childhood to become the most important names in the history of sport later, when he was 18 years old served for a year in the Austrian army, then emigrated to the United States at the age of twenty-one accent Strange and weak English, which stood between him and his dream.

The ambition of the Austrian immigrant did not stop there. In 2003, he became governor of California, one of the largest states in the United States, and at the time refused to pay for his services as governor of the state.

With these steps, the Austrian immigrant who served in the Austrian army and came to the United States in a weak English language, from an emerging sex film actor to a political governor of one of the largest states in the United States,

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone, an American actor with a history of fighting for fame and fortune, born in 1946 in New York State, became famous after the hit film "Rocky," but after this dazzling success, In his representation before becoming a famous actor, and paid for his role in this film sexual $ 200 only, and the producers re-published the film to take advantage of the popularity of the young actor.

Jackie Chan

"Jackie Chan" is the most prominent name in recent years in the field of action films and comedy, the Chinese actor and the champion of kung fu, born in China in 1954.

He began his life in the Bruce Lee movies and then made his way to the dream of stardom, but he did not escape the trap of sex movies. He participated in a poor quality sex film in the early 1970s before he became famous, He did not regret this film he performed at the beginning of his career.

Marlin Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the icon of Western beauty, was born in Los Angeles, USA, in 1926.

She was exploited in the beginning of her life in nude photography for the covers of some magazines, as well as in the portrayal of sexual scenes. The actress was famous for a very short period of time and was represented in many films before announcing her end of life at the age of thirty-six after a long struggle with psychological crises Leaving behind a great mystery, a larger emptiness and a sad sad message: "I know I will not be happy, but I know I can be fun and at least free of worries."

Cameron Diaz

A charming American actress born in 1972, her life began as a model before she turned into acting at the age of 21 by starring Jim Carey in the film "The Mask" to get her fame known, and she was involved in a sex film before her fame .

Kim Kardashian

A 1980-year-old American actress and model who won the title of "Best Back in the World".

Kim Kardashian has always been controversial about her naked images on social networking sites. She had a sex video dating back to 2003, declaring last year that she was not ashamed of the video, saying why people cared about her personal choices, she did not hurt anyone at the end She is proud of her body and the video is old and she no longer cares about it after it was her fear and embarrassment.

Matt Lublin

Because of his role in the social comedy "Friends", people always remember him as Joey and only a few know his real name, and it may be shocking to them when they know that their favorite comedy star began his career in a poor role in the early nineties in a sexual series.

David Deshovney

A famous American actor born in 1960, best known for his role in The X-Files, for which he won the Golden Globe Award. David Deshovni participated in the same sexual series that Matt Lovlin participated in in the early 1990s before his reputation.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the granddaughter and heir to Conrad Hilton, the founder and owner of the Hilton chain of hotels, her exuberant wealth and European beauty. Her fame and celebrity became famous after she published her sexual record with her boyfriend in 2001, starting her first role as actress in the same year. Many of the films did not work very well in acting due to their modest talent.


Is a German actress of Turkish origin. She was born in 1980 and worked as an actress in sex films. Before going to the cinema field, she appeared in a number of films and did not broadcast her fame until after the role of "Shay" in the series "Conflict of the Arush".

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Stars from Bollywood and Hollywood were their beginnings before stardom


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