The Tunisian Choreographic Center TUNIS, awad sallam, The Tunisian Choreographic Center of the Ballet and Choreographic Arts Pole of the City of Culture inaugurated on Wednesday September 11. 2019 at the Theater of Young Creators the event “Choreographic Identities” as part of the program of its new artistic season.

The show was a fusion between three dancing performances, entitled “2 solos / 1 Duo” and offered to the audience:

"The fall" by Hichem Chebli, "B.A.D" by Ilyes Triki and "Juste à côté " by Wafa Thebti and Badis Hachech lasting 15 minutes each one.

In front of an audience composed almost of dancers Hichem Chebli opened this event with his creation "The fall", through which the dancer performed on a scene clear of all kinds of equipment or decor and merged with a music in a decrescendo rhythm as sign of the fall of the human being in the chaos.

And it was up to Elyess Triki to go on the stage to express, through his performance “BAD”, the fragility of facing the immensity of the universe and the complexity of life while giving free space to the audience to interpret his work.

On the stage, and through their work "Juste à côté", Wafa Thebti and Badis Hachech used the dances techniques for theater, a duet of dancers who flee in the dark. In a society that does not tolerate differences, they hide.

In this chaotic world, the two characters strive to create their own light, moving between composition and decomposition.

The event "Choreographic Identities" continues with in the program:

-Thursday, September 12, 2019: "Black Point" by Kais Boulares (Premiere of the residence at the Tunisian Choreographic Center)

-Friday, September 13, 2019: - Chawchra by Selim Ben Safia and Marwen Errouine (Premiere of the residence at the Tunisian Choreographic Center)

-Saturday, September 14, 2019: "Chawchra" by Selim Ben Safia and Marwen Errouine (Premiere of the residence at the Tunisian Choreographic Center)

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