Tunis, City of culture, As part of its new program for the artistic season 2020, the Ballet and Choreographic Arts Pole presented on Monday February 24. 2020 the second session of the event “Danced December” with a new performance entitled “Les 3 Mystiques” performed by the young dancer of the New Ballet of Tunisian Dance led by Karim Touwayma at the Theater of Young Creators.

The show, which was distinguished by the melodies of the Majadhib and which was presented in front of a savvy and large audience, started with a projection of a Mapping video with the voice of the old narrator Abdelaziz El Aroui who recited poems from the Tunisian streets.

Later, eight dancers went on the scene to perform the three characters around which the event turns, namely "Boussadia", “Akacha” and “Cheikh El Ballout”.

The show was a very interesting occasion for the audience present to know more about these characters that are living in our common memory and heritage.

Also the choice of the music for this show was really successful since the character of Cheikh El Ballout was the main subject of the song played and which raised the humoristic side of the show.

“Les 3 Mystiques” was a show very rich in colors and sounds which highlighted the various styles of the Tunisian dance through a contemporary way, paving the ways to our Tunisian heritage to reach the greatest international scenes.

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