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Monday, 18 September 2017 17:23

The betrayal of the American star "Kevin Hart" to his wife "Enico Parish"

 American star Kevin Hart and his wife, Enico Parish, American star Kevin Hart and his wife, Enico Parish,

The American star Kevin Hart has confessed to betraying his wife, Enico Parish, who has been pregnant for months. He was photographed with a girl in a closed car in Miami, where he was sitting in the car with an unidentified girl in an intimate and daring position. With another girl next to them, and then the two girls came out of the car, wearing their clothes and left "Kevin" in the car and then launched it.

Hart published a video apology for his accounts of social networking sites, admitted in reference to a recent incident but declined to explain what he had done explicitly and said someone was turning his blackmail into money.

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