Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The Festival of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema begins its sixty-seventh session on 8 February 2019, which will be dedicated to the spirit of the artist Jamil Rateb.

The panel is headed by Father Peter Daniel and the membership of Magdi Samy and Michel Maher, and will continue until February 14.

A number of artists attended the celebration of the beginning of watching the films participating in the festival, including Sabreen, Mustafa Shaaban, Elham Shahin, Magdy Kamel, director Adel Adib, cinematographer Mohammed Suleiman Abdul Malik, musician Hisham Nazieh and director of photography Mohammed Mukhtar.

The festival will be honored by Ahmed Badir, the film director, Yousry Nasrallah, the Farid Al Mazawi Award, Karam Al Najjar, the Father Joseph Musloum Award, Ahmed Yahia, the Special Center, and Tarek Al Shennawi, Director Hussein Afifi, director of photography Kamal Abdul Aziz, and director Shweikar Khalifa Award for "artistic creativity."

Among the honored artists are Raja al-Jeddawi, Farouk al-Feshawi, Raghda, Eman Sarksyan and Hisham Salim.

The Higher Committee of the Festival decided to award the best actor in the dramatic work of Amr Youssef, the best actress of Jordanian actress Sabra Mubarak for their series "Taya", which was shown in the last Ramadan marathon, and the young singer Mai Ghiti will be honored with the "Encouraging Center".

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