Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Vision: - The Israeli film "Frightening Days" won the "Ophir Competition" film award, which tells the events that led to the murder of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin from the perspective of the murderer Yigal Amir.

The film won the award for best feature film in the competition.

The Israeli actor, Yehuda Nahri, who portrayed Yigal Amir after winning the competition, said: "I look at the character in general, until I understand the way she thinks, I can not judge it positively or negatively.

Than to experience in the most realistic way.

The Israeli film, Terrible Days, also received the biggest attack from Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev, who this year preferred not to participate in the celebration, and not to watch the film that will represent Israel in the Oscars.

Miri Regev said: Yigal Amir is a murderer, his bullet hit the heart of the nation, and committed the worst possible thing - killing a prime minister in a democratic state.

Done. Regev also attacked the film's producers, including director Yaron Zilberman: "Never miss the opportunity to link Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with part of the incitement campaign, which is a deception and distortion, which is completely cut off from the facts."

"Netanyahu's criticism of the policy of the Rabin government against the backdrop of the Oslo agreement is legitimate in a democratic state," she said. Regev claimed that the "Ophir Prize" given to the film gave legitimacy, not for the first time, to bodies that widen the divide in society and incite against certain groups in the State of Israel.

The minister explained that her decision not to participate in the ceremony because "the ceremony no longer represents the entire Israeli cinema."

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