Just as the series “The Choice” raised the ire of the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadist organizations, the series “The End” was a concern for Israel, especially as it predicts the demise of their state at the hands of the Arabs.

The scriptwriter Amr Samir Atef, the author of the series, commented on the anger of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which came in his first episode, which predicted the end and the demise of the State of Israel at the hands of the Arab countries in what he described as the "liberation war of Jerusalem."

Amr Samir Atef demanded that his fans, through his account on Facebook, defend him, and he said to them, "They expected an attack on me from herds of workers themselves educated, and this talk is bothering them very much."

Atef also stressed, in a telephone interview with Al-Hadath Al-Youm, that he and the team of the series "The End" are providing entertainment and science fiction with meanings and possibilities that are presented all the time, and this was done away from the Israeli reaction, which he does not care at all.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs had criticized the Egyptian series "The End", which was shown in Ramadan, starring Youssef El-Sharif.

The Israeli newspaper "Jerusalem Post" revealed the reason for the protest of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, because the series talked about the end and the demise of the State of Israel at the hands of the Arab countries in what he described as the "Jerusalem liberation war."

The newspaper pointed out, that the first episode of the Egyptian series, "included a scene in which children appear in the year 2120 receiving lessons regarding the liberation of Jerusalem.

The teacher says to students, America was the main supporter of the Zionist state, while a three-dimensional map of the United States appears at the front of the semester.

When It is time for the Arab countries to get rid of their archenemy.

A war, called the War to Liberate Jerusalem, broke out. He added that "the war ended quickly and caused the destruction of the Zionist State of Israel less than 100 years after its establishment," while "most of the settlers escaped from the occupation state and returned to their countries of origin in Europe."

It is mentioned that the series "The End" is the idea of ​​Youssef El Sharif, a script and dialogue by Amr Samir Atef, directed by Yasser Sami, and produced by "Synergy" Company, and co-starring Amr Abdel Galil, Ahmed Wafik, Nahed El Sebaei and Mahmoud El Leithy.

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