Tunis/Djerba/Sallam Awad/ The sixth edition of the Riyadh Festival in Djerba witnessed a sad end due to a terrorist attack and the killing of six members of the Tunisian National Guard, and was limited to honoring Arab and foreign artists who helped revive the Djerba Dream festival.

About 60 artists from 12 countries participated for 10 days in the festival of Djerba Hood, which was organized in 2014, this time under the name of "Djerba Deam" and presented their paintings to be presented during the opening of the sixth session of the Madina Festival in Riyadh, Which was held from 5 to 8 July 2018, and was honored a number of them.

The artists present, especially from the wounded countries, who suffer the same pain from Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon, expressed their deep sorrow during their closing remarks, stressing that Tunisia is capable of defeating terrorism.

After presenting his condolences to the families of the martyrs and the Tunisian people, the director of the Medina Festival in Riyadh, Manji Al-Daghari, told the "Vision News" about the current session, saying: "There was a difficulty in merging two festivals, the Medina Festival in Riyadh and the Djerba dream festival." They will be separated next year and each will be programmed on its own date.

Governor of Madenine Habib Shout, was present on the night of honoring the artists of the Djerba Dream Festival and sent a message to the world against terrorism, calling on the world to visit Djerba and Tunisia, Saying: "We are the land of coexistence between religions and we have many tributaries of tourism, besides entertainment, there is cultural, sports and religious, Tunisia is the land of tolerance and peace".

More than 60 artists, of about 20 nationalities, were artists on walls, glass, ceramics and sculptors contributed in the revival of Djerba Dream, which was organized from 23 June to 4 July, after the nature came to the drawings in 2014, and needed to have the same spirit and new to return to the ability to fondle the art queens at the people of Djerba and tourist visitors, What is going on in the imagination, was not a slogan governing their feathers and they color the reality of the island of dreams, according to the statement of the Director of the Association of lovers of the city in Riyadh, Badr al-Din Buhashem.

The official opening ceremony of the Medina Festival in Riyadh kicked off on July 5, a concert attended by hundreds of young men and women, to mark the first day of cultural events, the most important of which was to support the Djerba Island on the UNESCO World Heritage List. For many years, the people of the island have sought to obtain their cultural right to their country, which has many cultural and architectural sites and features that qualify them.

The second day of the festival was dedicated to the revitalization of the streets and the preparation of workshops on the definition of art and creativity in cooperation with 5 centers of specialized education.

On the third, pre-final day, a symposium was held entitled "When Art Has Space", a competition in fine arts for children under 15 years old, and a display of old cars at Independence Square in Riyadh.

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