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Sunday, 23 February 2020 10:37

The Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra "Le carnaval des animaux"

Conducted by Chedi Garfi Raja Farhat (Narrator) Conducted by Chedi Garfi Raja Farhat (Narrator)

Tunis, The Music and Symphonic Groups Pole of the Opera Theater presented on Saturday February 22, 2020, "Le carnaval des animaux", a concert of classical music performed by the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Chedi Garfi on the prestigious stage of the Opera Theater of the City of Culture.

The show was a kind of musical tale that took the audience into a magical journey through the world of animals. Based on the work of Camille Saint-Saëns, Chedi Garfi brilliantly led the musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra to perform a selection of the best classical melodies accompanied by the gorgeous voice of the great artist Raja Farhat, who told the audience a great story about the life of animals through stories that marked our childhood and that are still making us dreaming about a better future and good things.

It cackles, it roars, it gallops ... swans, chickens, lions, donkeys and elephants ... each animal got its instrument and together formed an orchestra that easily spoke to everyone's imagination. During this great concert, animals were represented by a very large number of instruments.

They carried the soul of the music played. They filled the place with their overlapping sounds that united in the notes and sounds played and which all ended in a final joyful selection of melodies played by the skillful musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra.

This concert brought a lot of good humor to the young and old classical music fans present that night at the Opera Theater.

The concert offered also a selection of universal and immortal works including “Oblivion” by Astor “Cinéma Paradiso” by Ennio Morrecone and “Sérénade pour cordes” by Edouard Elga that were masterfully performed by the musicians of the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra conducted by the great Chadi Garfi.


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