Tunis, In presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mohamed Hachicha, Director of the National Center of Ceramic Art Sidi Kacem Jelizi and a large number of artists and ceramic craftsmen, the first session of the Artistic Ceramic Days of Carthage was opened on Saturday August 31. 2019 at the City of Culture in a very festive atmosphere as a sign of celebration of ceramists and this art old of several decades.

On this occasion the City of Culture opened all its spaces to welcome a big number of exhibitions of artistic ceramics, mainly a number of works made by Tunisian artists and foreign craftsmen.

Starting from the main entrance of the City, several exhibitions were offered to the audience, starting with workshops of ceramics with the participation of young students from the schools of Beaux Arts and Sidi Kacem Jelizi.

This exhibition offers a selection of various works with modern and traditional inspiration, transforming everyday objects into objects of art while offering to Tunisian crafts new economic opportunities.

In the main hall of the City, the Artistic Ceramic Days of Carthage, in their first session, presented also a very beautiful selection of works made by Tunisian craftsmen from Mokenine, Nabeul, Sejnane and Guellala with also a number of works coming from Spain, Sardinia, Turkey, Egypt, and Algeria.

It's a journey into the wonders of pottery and ceramics through which visitors discovered the magic world of clay-textured pearls, with rich and varied designs.

The Theaters Square of the City of Culture also was transformed into “Guellala Square”, in tribute to the Djerbian village of Guellala, where potters managed to perpetuate the art of our ancestors by preserving this practice with all its small details, turning it into a source of pride.

Guellala, being today an important destination for all the visitors of Djerba, has succeeded in preserving the soul of the pioneers through the traditional pottery.

In the heart of the Theaters Square, now “Guellala Square”, a giant wood oven was built in brick with skillful hands.

It is Called Moknine's oven. A great idea that pays tribute to thousands of creators sometimes anonymous. In front of Mokenine’s oven, a workshop was installed with several electric tools through which craftsmen demonstrated their skills and their creative genius to the visitors.

Not far from these workshops stands another workshop dedicated to artists participating in the 9th International Meeting of Artistic Ceramics.

It should be remembered that this great event was launched during the 8th International Meeting of Artistic Ceramics, organized in 2018 at the National Center of Artistic Ceramics Sidi Kacem Jelizi in Tunis and during which M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister Cultural Affairs has announced the creation of these days of which we celebrate today the first session, as a tribute to this noble art and to further promote the important economic role of ceramics.

It should be noted that after this official opening at the City of Culture, a second opening is scheduled for Sunday 1 September at the Bardo Museum with an exhibition dedicated to the participants in the international contests of the Artistic Ceramic Days of Carthage.

The closing ceremony of this session will be held on September 8,2019 at the Roman Theater of Carthage with a fashion show and dresses inspired by Ceramics in addition to a musical concert.

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