At a press conference in Dar El Marsa and on the sidelines of the Manarat festival, Chiraz Latiri, CEO of CNCI, and Samia Labidi, Coordinator of the Arab Film Institutes Commission, announced the official launch of the Arab Film Platform.

The Arab Film Platform is a program initiated by the Commission of Arab Film Institutes (AFIC) which strives to create new businesses for the development of the Arab film industry, based on two fundamental objectives:

• Support the region's film production and encourage Arab co-productions and artistic collaborations while adapting to the rapidly changing cinematographic landscape.

• Provide support and networking opportunities to emerging, established and established filmmakers in the Arab world, focusing on the critical phase of their creative process: the development stage of their feature film projects.

The 7 AFIC countries will ensure the participation of 7 creative teams selected with a feature film project to one of AFP's partner initiatives.

This network will connect 8 existing platforms, residences and Arab laboratories that support the development of films for the first time:

★ Dahshur Residence (Egypt)

★ Rawi (Jordan)

★ Lebanon Cinema Foundation Writing Workshop (Lebanon)

★ Francophone Film Women I Mediterranean (Lebanon)

★ The documentary hive (Morocco)

★ Dox Box (Arab World)

★ Filmlab:Palestine (Palestine)

★ Southern Writing (Tunisia) At this conference, Mrs. Latiri also announced the official attainment of the Egyptian National Center of Cinema to AFIC.

As a reminder of the AFIC Launched in 2018, the Arab Film Institute is a member of the Arab Film Industry.

The AFIC takes into account the common cultural roots of its representatives, as well as their will for a significant and sustainable involvement of the public sector in shaping the future of the industry, while ensuring artistic freedom and respecting the independence of culture.

The members of AFIC are:

the Centre National du Cinéma Algérien

- CNCA (Algeria), the Centre National du Cinéma Egyptien

- CNCE (Egypt), the Royal Film Commission

- Jordan

- RFC (Jordan), the Fondation Liban Cinéma

- FLC (Lebanon), the Centre Cinématographique Marocain

- CCM (Morocco), the Palestine Film Institute

- PFI (Palestine), as well as Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image

- CNCI (Tunisie)

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