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TUNISIA, The City of Culture hosts Kebili

TUNISIA, The City of Culture hosts Kebili TUNISIA, The City of Culture hosts Kebili

As part of the program " The Regions Evenings: The Cities of Arts in the City of Culture", the region of Kebili came with its rich patrimony to invade all the spaces of the City of Culture offering to see exhibitions of plastic art, culture, handicrafts, books, traditional dance paintings, poetry and singing shows. The evening of Kebili took place in presence of Mr. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs and a large number of cultural personalities of the region.

At the entrance of the City of Culture, from the Mohamed V avenue side, the show was amazing with folk dancing that attracted a crowd fascinated by the beauty of the gestures executed with great dexterity by the brave horsemen. Dancers and horsemen followed the rhythms of the Bendirs that loudly resonated in the sky of Tunis as in a big party in an open theater. It was a real celebration, since the artists and all the participants in this evening of Kebili, presented the best of their art in amazing performances of joy and pride of belonging to a region with a glorifying history, like all the regions of Tunisia.

It was in the main hall of the City that the band "Dahbia" fascinated the audience with the interpretation of several Sufi songs. All dressed in white, the singers and dancers interpreted pieces from the rich Sufi repertoire of this region, which preserves this invaluable heritage. In the Theaters Square, poets and Fdaouis took turns in enthusiasm and with great passion to perform the most beautiful tales and poems, most representative of Kebili, the region of singers of popular poetry. It was an authentic show, coming straight from this region on the edge of the Sahara and which culture is closely linked to this geographical area that gives it a touristic vocation of great value.

Throughout this evening, the performances of the Mouguef, a traditional dance performed by women from the Sahara Festival of Douz, literary and popular poetry, traditional popular games, "Ezzgaya” continued in an amazing rhythm until a late hour of the evening. These shows were played in the same time when the representation of the play "Sabra" of the Municipal Troupe of Douz was presented in the Theater of Young Creators in front of a great audience.

The Theater of Regions has also hosted a program of popular music show presented by the troupe "Rjal Nefzaoua" and a musical show entitled "Ya Chaabi" by the artist Boulbaba Karem.

The evening of Kebili was marvelously ended by a musical show of Belgacem Bouganna, one of Kebili's artistic icons whose songs are drawn from the very precious repertoire of popular poetry of the region.

An evening with the fragrance of this beautiful region of south Tunisia, where men and women moved into the City to show and demonstrate the richness of their heritage and share it with the great joy and pride.

It should be noticed that "The Regions Evenings " will continue with the program: the evening of Jendouba, to be held on Saturday, May 26, 2018 starting from 10:00.


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