The House of Novel who inaugurated his first meeting dedicated to the "The historical character in the Tunisian novel" held on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at the Sophie El Goulli hall, continues its activities for the month of Ramadan within this cycle with a meeting, on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, on the theme of "The image of the jihadist in the novels” by Chadia Guesmi and Mohamed Aissa Meddeb in presence of both authors and several academics and men of letters.

At the opening of this meeting presented by the author Mohamed Habacha, Kamel Riahi Director of the House of Novel presented the reasons for which this theme was chosen and which according to him, was well treated before the Arab revolutions and more precisely after September 11. 2001. The most important novels that have dealt with this theme are namely: "Riyh Al-Janna” (Heaven's Wind) by the Saudi writer Turkī al-Ḥamad in which he analyzes this event that shook the USA and brought disastrous consequences on the whole world, "Irhabi 20” (Terrorist 20) by the Saudi Abdallah Thabet, "Oktoulouhom Jamian” (Kill them all) by the Algerian Slim Bachi. "It is time to look at Tunisian novels that have evoked this issue through contemporary literary experiences. In this respect, the choice of the term "Jihadist" is not fortuitous but a deliberate choice to move away from the simplistic approach of dealing with this issue by foreigners while treating the whole process from the pre-jihadism. Our approach does not start with any prejudice about these characters, "Kamel Riahi said.

For her part, the novelist Chadia Guesmi, awarded with the golden COMAR for her novel "Al Massab", presented her career as a novelist as well as some extracts from her latest novel "Rayat Soud” (Black Flags). "When I evaluate my experience in writing, it seems simple to me that's why I summarize it in a few sentences "she said adding:" Black Flags" relates real facts that is why accuracy and rigor are important. It starts from the student strikes to the case of Soliman while passing by the fire of Zaouia of Saida Manoubia until the Tunisian revolution.

The writer and critic Mohamed Aissa Meddeb, who wrote the novel, the critics, the news and produced several literary programs, presented his novel "Jihad Naem (Smooth jihad)" awarded by the golden COMAR in which he wrote about the issue of illegal immigration, violence, terrorism and corruption meanwhile he said that he had never hoped to go beyond the experience of writing news, his experience with writing led him to writing novels and historical researches. "In my novel “Jihad Naem” I analyzed the psychological, sociological, ideological reasons that intervene in the creation of the jihadist. I even defended some young people by dissecting the mechanisms pushing them to join Daesh while presenting the story of Nidhal, whose precariousness pushed him to illegal immigration before landing in the areas of terrorism " he concluded.

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