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Vitaly Sidyuk celebrity hunter tried to kiss the back of Kim Kardashian and entered under the American dress Ferreira Pictures and video

Vitaly Sidok, known as "celebrity hunter," is a Ukrainian journalist who is a reporter for a Ukrainian television channel that has put a large number of celebrities around the world in embarrassing situations.

Vitaly Sidok, 25, broke into the privacy of a number of international artists, and placed them in embarrassing positions in front of the masses and lens cameras and the media.

 His actions are described by police in several countries as a riot, and imposed psychological treatment.

9 cases of harassment and exposure to celebrities, the last of which broke into the stage, during the Eurovision Song Contest, skimming Australian flag, and take off his pants on stage in front of the masses, while singer Jamala, performing her song.

Millions of viewers around the world watched the event on television and spread heavily on social media during the closing ceremony.

"Sedioc", has similar precedent, including a strong punch to the American representative, Brad Pitt, while signing "autographs" of fans in Los Angeles, was arrested by the police, and sentenced - and then - three years of house arrest, 20 days of interest work the public.

The Supreme Court in Los Angeles imposed Vitali Sidyuk on psychotherapy and prevented him from approaching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in less than 500 meters.

Siddiqui Bradley Cooper, at the SAG awards ceremony, surprised Bradley by sitting on his knees to hug Bradley in the middle, expressing his admiration for him, making the audience astonished at his actions.

This was not his only occurrence, as he sneaked into the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and entered under the gown of actress America Ferreira, standing in front of photographers' lenses, causing her to be embarrassed, until the security personnel intervened and removed him.

Among his bizarre acts, he fell on his knees to surround the American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, from his waistcoat during the Santa Barbara Film Festival, stormed the stage and tried to grab the microphone from the front of the concert while Adele received a Grammy award.

Perhaps the harshest of Siddiqu's experiences are his following stances, which came from a slap from actor Will Smith after he was received at a ceremony in Moscow. He was also beaten by the American model and her Palestinian origin, Gigi Hadid, after harassing her and embracing her. Back.

He also tried to harass Kim Kim Kardashian for the first time. He tried to harass Kim when she attended the Balmain fashion show at Fashion Week with her husband, rap singer Kanye West. Paris in 2014, with the intervention of her bodyguard and the most striking until far away from them.

The second time Siddiqu was harassed by Kim Kardashian in late September 2016, when he tried to kiss the back of Kim Kardashian in France, who was preparing for the Paris Fashion Week, Kim's private guard ", Grabbed him, and hit him for the second time.

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