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Friday, 09 February 2018 18:13

What did the Bollywood star Salman Khan say about the Iraqi artist Warina Hussein?

the Iraqi artist Warina Hussein the Iraqi artist Warina Hussein

A report on Spotboye said Indian artist Salman Khan initially chose Isabelle for a role in his film, the sister of his former sweetheart Katrina, who performed experiments and tests, and failed because she is still not ready for the camera and Indian language, which stood as an obstacle to Isabelle.

Then Salman went to pick the Iraqi artist Warina  Hussein for the action tournament, this model not only looks amazing but also managed to convince Salman .

A source close to Salman Khan said that this role needs a girl who mastered Hindi and even Gujarati.

As for the new face, she is an actress who studied at the New York Film Academy and has conducted numerous commercial advertising campaigns, the only child of an Iraqi father and mother of Afghani.

"I found my girl," Indian artist Salman Khan said on Twitter.


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