Kidnapping and gang rape suffered by Indian actress Bhefana accident, is still in the interest of Indian newspapers, where the bug has answered important questions, about the identity of the rapists, and why did not cry Bhavana, and why it remained in her car until the morning?

In detail, Bhefana was returning from filming to her home in the "Ernakulam" state of Kerala, when her car came under fire, making them spread terror, then the kidnappers, who opened fire on them, rammed her car from behind, forcing it to stop.

The kidnappers went up to her car and drove him to a place where gang-rape them, for a period of not less than one and a half hours and then left her near her home and fled

Raped actress Bhavana was in her car and not in kidnappers' car, where she stayed in after fleeing for hours, until the next morning.

Investigations revealed that of those who raped Bhavana has worked as a driver for one day and former driver, Sunil Kumar.

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