Oscar-winning world champion Kevin Spacey has twice admitted a big surprise, at the age of 58, in a glee that he is gay after rumors about the subject.

Kevin Spacey said he chose to live as a man like me, years after he refused to answer rumors of his sexual orientation.

Kevin Spicy, an American actor, was born on July 26, 1959, twice as Best Actor in 1999 for the American Beauty Film and Best Supporting Actor in 1995 for the film "The Usual Suspects." He won the Screen Actors Guild Award twice in 1999 as Best Actor and Best Actor American, and was awarded the British Academy Award for Film and Television Arts 1999 for Best Actor for the American Beauty Film.

Kevin Spacee apologized to fellow actor Anthony Rapp for Rab's alleged 1986 incident. Rapp was 14 at the start of his career on Broadway before moving on to become the star of the musical "Rent".

Anthony Deane Rapp, born October 26, 1971, is an American actor and musician.

Rap said Spacey, who was on his way to the house after the guests left, said he had pushed Spacey away and left the scene, saying he had the impression that Spacey was drunk.

Spicy said he was afraid to hear the incident, adding that he did not remember the incident because it happened more than 30 years ago.

Spice also said he owed Rab a "sincere apology" for what he called "totally inappropriate behavior."

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