Famous world stars who do not profess any religion, and declared atheism:

Angelina Jolie:

Star Angelina Jolie said in an interview that she does not believe in the presence of God, and confirms through this statement atheism.

Brad Pitt:

He was one of the most struggling stars to assert the idea that there was no god, and that there was no justice in anything in this world.

Daniel Radcliffe:

Daniel Radcliffe, also known as Harry Potter, is also known for being too open about the fact that he has no faith in any religion. He has declared himself an atheist in a part of his famous film "Harry Potter" and also tends to become a hard-line atheist, Tries to influence or change the laws imposed by the government.

Morgan Freeman:

Although most of his roles revolve around the idea of ​​God in his films, he does not believe in his existence, and he believes that God was created by the greatest power in the universe, the human mind, by logic.

Emma Thompson:

The British actress and famous author Emma Thompson, although she celebrates Christmas every year, has stated before that she does not want to have any other relationship with an organized religion; because she fears organized things, they do not conform to the religious order, Or the Koran, and consider themselves chaotic, and do not accept this system.

John Ham:

The famous American actor John Ham, also declared that he was an atheist, had lost his parents early, when he was ten years old, which he put against religion directly.

Amp Hurd:

She openly expressed her atheism, although she came out of a Catholic family and attended the Bible study, but ended up being uninsured, and was the reason for declaring her atheism that she lost her close friend in a teenage car accident.

Howard Stern:

The American author and comedian Howard Stern, although he left a Jewish family, but decided at a time to abandon his faith, proclaim his atheism, and use his unbelief and atheism in his comedies, where he appeared making fun of religious rites, and when he read the Bible, He described it as a children's book, and therefore aroused anger against him from all religions.

Joaquin Phoenix:

The famous American actor Joaquin Phoenix, announced that he lives his life as an atheist now.

Keanu Reeves:

Kyanu Reeves was born in Lebanon to a single mother and was admitted to a Christian school, but his education did not affect much of his thinking. Many rumors that he was a Buddhist after he entered into many Buddhist projects but denied these claims, , Believes that energy does not arise and does not destroy, but it is a collection of flows only.


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