Syrian Opera Singer Rasha Rizk competes for the Grammy Award Syrian Opera Singer Rasha Rizk

Syrian Opera Singer Rasha Rizk competes for the Grammy Award

The Syrian Opera singer Rasha Rizk, known for playing cartoon songs, is competing for the Grammy Award from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the four largest annual music awards in the United States. The awards ceremony takes place in February each year.

The Grammy Awards are distributed on 78 labels in 30 musical genres, such as pop, rock and rap, but Rasha Rizk is in the category "Best New Artist" and "Best International Music Album".

The Syrian singer released three albums, the most recent this spring, titled "Malak," the same album she competes for at the Grammy Awards. The album also features several songs that mimic the Syrian reality with its pains and hopes.

The song aroused controversy among the public and on social networking sites, in which the reality of the Syrian street before the movement of the street and its aftermath converged, and called on people to close the windows, and to be their utmost wish to remain safe for another day only.

She began to study Arabic music at the age of nine. She also participated in many musical activities for young bands, the first of which was a laser band, and then formed the "Horizon" group.

Rasha Rizk is famous for performing children's songs and cartoon films such as Pokemon, Derby Remy, Detective Kona and the Brave Fighter, as part of her work at Al-Zahra Productions and dubbing in Syria.

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