Friday, 14 August 2020

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"Ghosts of Europe" was stopped due to Haifa Wehbe Haifa Wehbe upholds her rights before the screening of "Ghosts of Europe"

"Ghosts of Europe" was stopped due to Haifa Wehbe

Egyptian News Vision: - The case published before the Egyptian judiciary between the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, and her former director of work, Mohamed Waziri, presented her latest film, Ghosts of Europe.

Lawyer Haifa Wehbe submitted a request to the Syndicate of Musical and Acting Professions in Egypt to stop the permits for screening the film in cinemas, which is supervised by Mohamed Waziri.

Haifa Wehbe's lawyer said that her client did not get paid in the movie.

Haifa Wehbe accused her former manager and director of the film, Mohamed Waziri, of stealing 63 million pounds from her bank accounts in Egypt, according to legal agencies.

The head of the Inspection and Follow-up Committee of the Syndicate of Musical Professions confirmed that the union had already suspended work permits until the crisis between the two conflicting parties was resolved, which is the same decision taken by the Syndicate of Representative Professions.

The company that produced the film "Ghosts of Europe" recently announced that it is seeking to show it during the coming period, to be the first cinematic works that open the cinematic season after the lifting of the ban due to the emerging "Corona" virus.

The film "Ghosts of Europe" is co-starring Ahmad Al-Fishawi, Mustafa Khater, Arwa Gouda, the story by Karim Farouq, and a screenplay and dialogue by Amin Jamal, Muhammad Abu Al-Saad and Sherif Yousry, directed by Mohamed Hamaki.


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