Friday, 14 August 2020

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Judgment issued in the Moroccan case, Dunia Butma Donia Butma and her sister are sentenced to effective prison

Judgment issued in the Moroccan case, Dunia Butma

Egyptian News Vision: - Moroccan artist Dounia Butma faces an eight-month prison sentence after her conviction for "spreading false facts with the intent to compromising the private life of people to defame them, participating in it and threatening them."

She also faces other charges, on the background of what is known in Morocco as the “Hamza Moon Bibi Account”, which specializes in defamation and extorting artistic figures and businessmen inside and outside Morocco.

The Court of First Instance in Marrakech ended the first phase of the trial of those accused of the “Hamza Moon Bibi” account, which was carrying out violent defamation campaigns against many famous art and society, and issued its rulings against both artist Donia Butma and her sister Ibtisam, in addition to the designer Aisha Ayyash.

The court ruled 8 months in prison against the singer and graduate of “Arab Idol” Donia Batma, while her sister, Ibtisam Batma, spent one year in prison, one and a half years in prison against the fashion designer Aisha Ayyash, and 10 months in prison against Sofia Shukri, the owner and march A company in Rabat.

It is expected that these rulings will be appealed within the legal deadlines so that Dunya Batma will be released, while her sister, Ibtisam, and fashion designer Aisha A. and Sophia S. will remain in detention.

Donia Batmeh attended, for the third time, to the court, under heavy guard, from her aides who clashed with journalists.


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