Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Egyptian news vision: Negotiations are taking place between the UAE and Israel regarding the establishment of an oil pipeline and its derivatives that passes through Saudi territory to the port of Eilat via the Red Sea, and from there to the port of Ashkelon.

Egyptian News Vision, Tunisia, Awad Salam: - While the world is racing to use artificial intelligence, there are many concepts that have not been addressed, which may make international groups confront a number of definitions and concepts of moral artificial intelligence.

Egyptian news vision: - Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham El Mechichi enters the first difficult tests and confrontation with the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, which is governed by the "Ennahda Movement" with a majority, which seeks to pass two laws, whereby Tunisia becomes a hostage to the two countries that sponsor Islamic groups, Qatar and Turkey.

Egyptian news vision: - The evaluation of the results of the gas well, which was announced by the Italian energy company Eni, in the Greater Seagull region, indicates that it is more than 4 trillion cubic feet.

Egyptian news vision: - The Kingdom of Jordan decided to return to a law requiring military service for all youth between the ages of 25 and 29.

Egyptian news vision: - The tense relations between China and the United States of America are reflected in the companies operating between the two countries.

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