Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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A new way to generate electricity Shadow effect generator, developed by the National University of Singapore

A new way to generate electricity

Egyptian News Vision: - Scientists at the National University of Singapore are developing an electricity generator from shadows that collects and controls energy like solar cells do but without the need for open spaces and continuous light.

For it to work effectively, the device requires two things: light, darkness, and the same idea as solar panels, relying on the orthogonality of light to silicon to activate electrons.

By using panels with a thin layer of gold, silver, platinum, or tungsten, the contrast in the intensity of light pushes the electrons from the light areas to the shade, generating electricity in the shady areas.

The research is still in its early stages, but a second team is already considering the possibility of setting up a company to make the device available for home use.

The panels tested by the team are approximately 6 square centimeters, capable of producing only a quarter of a volt; Which means that you need about 20 panels to turn on a flashlight or charge a mobile phone.


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