Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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Tunisian Brotherhood leader Rashid Ghannouchi passes the recall The Islamist "Ennahda" movement maintains legislative power

Tunisian Brotherhood leader Rashid Ghannouchi passes the recall

Egyptian News Vision: - The Islamist movement "Ennahda" movement in Tunisia succeeded in ousting its leader Rashid Ghannouchi from the presidency of the Parliament in a session marred by a lot of noise.

The session to withdraw confidence from Rashid Ghannouchi ended with the announcement of the number of authorized votes 133, of which 18 abolished, 2 white sheets 97 voted yes to withdraw confidence, and 16 against.

It was necessary to obtain a petition to withdraw confidence from the Speaker of the People’s Assembly to obtain 109, which she did not succeed in obtaining.

The vote of no confidence vote from the head of the Parliament in Tunisia, the leader of the Islamist "Ennahda" party, Rashid Ghannouchi, switched from electronic voting, or by raising the hand to polling via the box, which required a number of deputies requesting a point of order in which he objected to This change, coupled with the presence of a retreat for the vote, forced the session chairman, the second deputy speaker, Tariq al-Fititi, to give up her presence.

Rashid Ghannouchi has been subjected to an accountability session in Parliament about his foreign contacts in Turkey and Qatar, after the "Free Constitutional" bloc headed by Abeer Moussa made a petition on the purpose.

This will not be the last military site in the hidden war between the presidential palace in Tunisia and the Islamist "Ennahda" movement, but there is a vote of confidence in the government that Hisham El Mechishi, the Minister of Interior in the caretaker government led by the resigned Prime Minister, Elias El Fakhakh, will have.

If you do not have the confidence, the dissolution of the parliament will happen by the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, and the holding of premature legislative elections, the "Ennahda" movement does not think that it will derive more than one place in the opposition within the parliament.


The political war in Tunisia
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